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Safe Running

Safety while running is important to us. You may have heard all these safety tips before but let’s reiterate:

  • FACE FORWARD: Run facing traffic so you can be noticed easily and don’t have to look back constantly.

  • LISTEN: If you wear headphones, keep them at a reasonable volume. Try to keep one earbud out if possible. You should be able to hear your feet hit the ground or hear yourself breathing.

  • LOOK: Always take precaution and use your own two eyes. Many drivers are often distracted by cell phones, eating in the car and handling their kids. Never assume that you can be seen.

  • POWER OF THE GROUP: Run with a partner or a group in case you’re in need of someone to call for help during an emergency. If you run alone, be sure someone knows when and where you run.

  • PRECAUTION: Obey all signage and traffic laws. Run in populated areas when you can.

  • PROTECTION: Be prepared by taking a self-defense class. Carry identification and a cell phone in case of a medical emergency. Consider running with a whistle or protective spray.

  • VARIETY: Be unpredictable by not using the same route every day so people don’t look for patterns or routines when you run.

  • VISIBILITY: Make yourself visible – never forget to wear bright clothing and reflective gear, especially at night and during the winter time. When possible, run during the day when you are visible rather than at night.

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