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Find The Right Hydration Carrying Option For Your Runs

With so many self-carry hydration options to choose from, it is important to find one that will keep you both hydrated and comfortable on your runs. Check out some of the gear variations below to find the right fit for you.


Bottles are popular among runners as they are light and make getting quick sips of hydration easy with squeeze technology. Variations include insulated flasks, those with adjustable straps, attached zippered pouches for gels, chews, keys, etc., clips to attach to belts, thumbholes for easier grip, and more. Popular brands like Nathan offer several different fluid oz bottle sizes so be sure to weigh all your options to ensure you can comfortably carry the liquids you need. If you opt to use a single bottle, try passing it to your other hand after each mile to prevent fatigue or imbalance.


For runners who are looking for a hands-free option, belts may be more preferable. Brands like FlipBelt can be used with or without hydration and have openings to hold other items, making them a versatile option. Some heavier-duty belt options have room for one bottle only, while others can fit several smaller pods. Belts are made to fit comfortably across your waist, with many implementing anti-bounce technologies to prevent discomfort.


Another hands-free option is a hydration pack or vest. Some versions model a backpack, with zippered storage in the back and bottles resting in the straps. More lightweight versions have a vest-like fit with less storage, but still have the ability to support two bottles. Different caps can be added to bottles to include straws, keeping hydration as hands-free as possible. Other options have one large hydration storage in the back rather than bottles and make hydration accessible through straws.


Reusable cups have made a surge into the running world as more races are opting for paperless races. For those runners who are looking for something light that takes up minimal space, a silicone reusable cup may be the right option. Popular brands include HydraPak Speed Cup, which can be rolled or folded when not in use, and the collapsible ZippyCup. These can be hand-held or kept in pockets and belts.

Need to shop for some new hydration gear? Check out our locally-owned running store directory HERE.

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