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Mask Options For Running

As runners return to the Lakefront Trail, CARA training groups, and small events, we have some of our favorite options for a running face mask or face cover. Have one you love? Let us know at

Zensah Performance Mask

Cost: $16.00

We have worn this one and it is the most breathable mask we have worn. It also has elastic straps that wrap around the head and neck for a comfortable fit. The straps also allow one to let the mask hang around the neck while running alone, and to easily pull it over your mouth and nose when getting within six-feet of others.

Buff Filter Mask

Cost: $29.99

We haven't worn this one yet, but have one ordered to review it. But it has the features we like, including moisture-wicking fabric, and straps for the neck and head, rather than ear straps. We are also interested in the adjustable strap, a feature we have not see yet. This provides a more secure fit, and the ability to drop it around the neck and keep running when you're able to maintain six-foot distance from others.

Gaitors / Buffs

Cost: $18.00

Note: There are many great gaitors / buffs on the market. We've shared one from BOCO and Fleet Feet. As you consider the right one for you, look for a lightweight version made of moisture-wicking materials. Avoid winter cold weather gaitors / buffs as these will not be comfortable for running in warm conditions. Our favorite thing about gaitors / buffs is that they sit comfortable on the neck when not needed, and can easily be pulled up over the mouth and nose when the mask is needed.

Under Armour Sports Masks

Cost: $30

UA unveiled this mask a few weeks ago and we ordered it right away to check it out. We're excited to see how it performs given UA's reputation for apparel technology. Unfortunately, after ordering, UA announced these won't ship until late August. So if you want to try this one, you'll need another mask while you wait.

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