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The "Power Of The Group"

The “Power of the Group." If you have been with CARA long you likely know this phrase, and even more likely, have experienced its meaning. Power of the Group means many things to CARA runners. It may mean the support to be accountable, being part of something bigger than yourself, or the benefit of experiencing a group to run with. In this week’s blog, I’ll touch upon some of the most impactful parts of the Power of the Group.

Improving the Training Experience

Regardless of your running aspirations, you know you need to put in the work to accomplish your goals. No matter what level of runner you are, training with a group has been proven to vastly improve the experience and help push individuals to be more consistent, accountable, and overall better runners. The combination of organization, mentorship, and social connection can do wonders, especially for those who have never trained with a group before.

Motivation and Accountability

As many of us know, running is a challenging sport, particularly during the winter. Running can push us both mentally and physically. As runners, we constantly have to seek motivation and accountability to help us keep working towards our goals. Going it alone tends to always seem harder, and once you skip one run, it seems like it gets easier and easier to skip another. Having a group that is expecting you, provides not only the accountability to follow your training plan, but also gives you that extra push out the door. You know if you can make it to the run, the Power of the Group will get you through a run you may have not been looking forward to.

Changing Perceptions

It is an interesting phenomenon when you run with a group consistently. It can make training runs feel shorter, the temperatures do not feel as cold or hot, and it will help you accomplish what may have originally felt overwhelming. A big part of the running journey is engaging with, and being encouraged by, runners that have been in your shoes before. Having others that you trust, that believe in you, and who will help you get to where you want to go is another great component of the Power of the Group. CARA group leaders, site coordinators, and coaches provide you with the guidance, accountability, and motivation to help you keep going so you will achieve the best version of you.

Being Part of Something Bigger

Ultimately, we all seek social connection and want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The Power of Group embodies this idea and allows you to not only receive help from other runners, but also to give support back to others. Whether it is leading a group, mentoring a fellow runner, or simply providing words of encouragement. The group environment is an opportunity to give back. Giving and receiving encouragement is a huge part of CARA’s Power of the Group, and what makes it so powerful.

Come Join Us!

If you seek support, accountability, and camaraderie, the Power of the Group is for you! CARA training programs are in action year-round. If you are not already part of one of our groups, we invite you to join us for our upcoming half or full marathon programs.

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