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Tim’s Winter Training Tips

Winter training can be tough, whether you are lacking motivation to brave the colder weather, or finding it hard to make time for running with your crazy busy holiday schedule. Our Director of Training, Tim Bradley, has some tips to help you get through the winter:

1. Have indoor alternatives for running and cross-training. Don't let bad weather get you off track.

2. Invest in quality winter running apparel, the right gear makes a huge difference.

3. Find well-lit paths to run on if you are running at night.

4. Start planning your 2019 race schedule now to give you clear goals to train through the winter months.

5. Post a large calendar in a visible spot and write down your training each day along with circling your target races.

6. Pick a few running books to read in the winter months to keep your mind focused on your goals.

7. Stock your cabinets with warm, hearty foods to warm you up and refuel you after cold runs.

8. Try drinking warm liquids before your run to increase your body temperature.

9. On especially cold days, put your clothes in the dryer for a minute before putting them on to go run.

10. Plan a winter training trip to get a break from the cold weather and get a boost in your training.

And some bonus holiday tips for good measure:

1. Remember the cookies are for Santa.

2. When taking a BuzzFeed quiz on "Which of Santa's reindeer are you" you want Dasher to pop up as the answer.

3. Try running from block to block while singing carols to confused neighbors.

4. Run around the house creating elaborate booby traps to fend off burglars (name that movie).

5. Cut down your own tree and then run home with it on your back.

If you want a little extra motivation from the power of the group, register for winter training.

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