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CARA Photos Of The Month - February 2022

2022 is off to an exciting start for CARA! Our Winter Half Marathon Training program wrapped up just before the start of February, while our Winter Marathon and Boston Performance programs started to pick up momentum in the new year. The 2022 'Go Run season also kicked off in February, with these free, timed 5k and 1-mile events heading to Humbold Park and Horner Park. Check out some of our favorite photos from the month below!

'Go Run participants pose after completing 'Go Run Horner Park, our second 'Go Run of the season! There are still 36 dates of free, timed 5k and 1-mile events this year! All are welcome to join for a race, run, jog, or walk around Chicago parks.


CARA runners take to the Lakefront Trail as they race the F^3 Lake Half Marathon. 12 weeks of half marathon training culminated on race weekend, with many runners hitting personal bests despite the cold!


CARA's West Loop Run Crew getting in some morning miles before the sun! Runners of all paces and abilities are welcome at CARA Run Crews, which meet weekly for runs together.


CARA Boston Performance and Winter Marathon Training runners take in the scenic views of the Morton Arboretum during their long run. These groups have been showing great dedication to their miles as we head into the second half of training!

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