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CARA Photos Of The Month - March 2022

Spring is officially here and the CARA community has "sprung" into action, hitting the ground running. We've had a busy month full of races, 'Go Runs, and training programs. Take a look at some of our favorite photos from the month of March below!


CARA Program Manager Dominique Sabbs was awarded by the Road Runners Club of America earlier this month (award accepted on her behalf by another CARA staff member). Dominique was recognized for her work with CARA's 'Go Run and Run Crew programs, receiving the Outstanding Beginning Running Program of the Year award!


CARA's Run Crew, the GlenGlen Runnners, pose in front of a scenic sky during their morning run. As the weather gets warmer, we encourage you to join one of Run Crews for some weekday miles! All are welcome!


CARA's 'Go Run program began to gain momentum this month, with friends, family members, and local running groups joining us for free 5k and 1-mile races in local Chicago parks. Members of Chicago Run's Running Mates program ended their winter season with a spectacular 5k at 'Go Run Warren Park!


CARA members and Sr. Director of Training Tim Bradley pose after their Shamrock Shuffle 8k races. It was a beautiful day for a race, with the Shuffle officially kicking off the 2022 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit season!


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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
22 sep. 2023

The CARA Photos Of The Month - March 2022 showcase stunning visual narratives that transport viewers to different corners of the world. As a nurse writers, I'm inspired by the way these photos capture the essence of human experiences. They serve as a reminder that every moment has a story worth telling, and I'm grateful for the creative lens that these nurse writers provide to our collective storytelling.

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