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Social Distance Ambassadors Needed!

Help keep the Lakefront Trail and 606 / Bloomingdale Trail safe and open!

The Social Distance Ambassador Program (SDA) is the Chicago Park District's outreach plan during COVID-19 to promote and educate how to safely use parks and open spaces. The SDA program is a positive way to interact, to promote and educate the public in our parks. Engaging with park users at parks throughout the City, communicating the Public Use of Outdoor Park Space Guidelines, and answer questions by park users.

SDA's will choose a location for their volunteer effort from seven options. Volunteers are welcome to be stationary at that location, or to move along the trail in any direction, for any distance. SDA's are welcome to run, walk, or bike while performing their SDA role. SDA's can volunteer while completing their daily exercise! SDA's will work independently, or with friends/family who volunteer with them. A mobile system for reporting will be provided to share your observations from the trail and to log your volunteer time.

Volunteers are needed to commit to a 2 hour shift between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., at least one day per week between 7/13/2020 to 7/31/2020. Volunteers are encouraged to volunteer as often as able. Volunteers will receive a SDA shirt to keep from the Chicago Park District to wear while volunteering.

SDA's will promote, educate, be an example, and report. SDA's are not enforcement and should not engage in such actions.



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