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Tim Bradley, Executive Director


CHICAGO – 2022 has been an interesting year for the Chicago Area Runners Association (“CARA”) as it worked through ever changing and more relaxed pandemic guidelines, periods of transition for the organization’s leadership, seminal but challenging opportunities for group events, and the full return of training programs. To that end, the Board of Directors officially welcomes Tim Bradley as the Executive Director (“ED”) for the organization, capping the end of this transitional period.

CARA’s stability relied greatly on the leadership and hard work which was shepherded by Tim Bradley, along with commitment and growth towards a vision for the future. The Board of Directors strategic guidance for strengthening advocacy, partnerships, and interface with the running community, has been in the support of the ED to help ensure success. Bradley’s experience and longevity with the organization ensured that we would continue to build a strong level of confidence in all the organization’s efforts working with staff, participants, partners and the community at large. Bradley will remain involved with CARA Training programs as we seek to bring on additional coaches and training managers for day-to-day operations.

“I am excited to transition into the role of Executive Director as we look to continue the growth and execute on CARA’s mission, along with advocating for the running community at large. I offer my personal thank you to all our CARA members, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors, for their steadfast support now and in the future,” said Tim Bradley.

On behalf of the Chicago Area Runners Association Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and Industry partners, we value and appreciate the dedicated and seasoned leadership of Tim Bradley, as our Executive Director. We are delighted to have him and look forward to the next steps. Do not hesitate in reaching out to him directly at:


The Chicago Area Runners Association, CARA, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to serving and advocating for the local running community. We are Chicagoland’s running club, providing accessible opportunities for all runners to train, race, learn, be social and volunteer.

CARA is the nation’s third-largest running club, serving as the voice of local runners, as well as providing over 1,300 dates of programming and events per year. Learn more at

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